George D. Pattas

Dermatologist – Venereologist

Specialized in:

  • Dermatology - Venereology (Colorado Univercity Hospital, USA)
  • Dermatology - Oncology and HPV virus (Athens Medical School)
  • Clinical Dermatology, Dermatosurgery, Pediatric Dermatology ("Andreas Syggros" Hospital)
  • Specialized in injectable treatments and non-invasive Aesthetic Dermatology

Private Physician – Kolonaki, Municipality of Athens


  • Treatments for all Adult Skin Conditions
  • Treatments for all skin diseases of children
  • Dermatoscopy - Removal of moles and skin lesions - Biopsies
  • Diagnosis and treatment of venereal diseases
  • Facial and body regeneration with non-invasive treatments of Aesthetic Dermatology

The dermatologist G. Pattas is fluent in English.

Patients received at the doctor’s practice by appointment: Tel. 210 3625235

For emergencies, call or text (via SMS) the number 6930378775

Doctor’s practice: Merlin 7, Kolonaki, ‘Dermalab